„Quality in Travel“ certificate awarded to Bhutan tour operator Happiness Kingdom

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Berlin, 11.04. 2018: Happiness Kingdom, the second largest tour operator of Bhutan was awarded the “Quality in Travel” (QiT) certificate for its internal quality assurance and quality management standards. Quality of products and services has traditionally a high priority for the company. Pema Tashi, CEO of the company, comments: “We are happy to be awarded this certificate. It is an acknowledgement for our long lasting commitment to quality and, in addition to this, we could by the expertise of QiT improve several points of our existing quality management.”

For the certificate the company had to record clear internal structures and responsibilities for quality management, which includes systematic collection and evaluation of customers and partners feedback, quality strategy and visions. Tashi: “There are two important points to our profile that our customers estimate: On the one hand, by our tours, we give an introduction into Bhutan nature and culture and show our guests why people here live happily. On the other hand we want to give our customers the best possible experience in hospitality. Together with our partners we care for the highest standards in hotels and accommodations.”

Confirmation page of the certification at QiT: https://quality-in-travel.com/happinesskingdom

About Quality in Travel:

The Berlin based “Quality in Travel” offers auditing and consultation services to tourist companies. It helps them to introduce structures of quality management. The certificate “Quality in Travel” is awarded to companies that can prove that their quality management conforms to the standards and measures of QiT. The certificate approves the excellence and customer-orientation of travel-related products. By the label “Quality in Travel” they can show their partners and customer that they persistently and systematically care for the quality of their products and services.

Lars Goehler
Quality in Travel
Klaustaler Str. 28
13187 Berlin
phone: +49 30 555 715 69


About Happiness Kingdom:

HK is the second largest tour operator in Bhutan. It serves 2500 to 3000 customers per year. The management is committed to quality and introduced a quality management by itself. It sets itself the task to make the guest experience why Bhutan is called the “Happy Kingdom“, why many of is people live happily. This includes culture, folklore, environment, natural beauty way of life.


 Pema Tashi
Happiness Kingdom (HK) Travels®
Above Call Centre, Changzamtok
Thimphu, BHUTAN
+975 2 326 102

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