Advantages of Quality Management

Quality management and certification can have many advantages. They will, in a longer perspective, also save costs. We tell you why:


  • Quality performance makes destinations, products and services easier to market, both to operators and tourists. Moreover, a hight quality product markets itself, by word of mouth, tripadvisor,, or virtualtourist.
  • Careful quality monitoring provides the tool for making better strategic and tactic  management decisions. Monitoring progress in quality improvement provides you with the data that you will need to create a sustainable strategy.
  • By monitoring customer satisfaction and other data you can quickly react on tendencies and changes of the travel market.
  • By quality management and you can proof that you are reliable to your partners: Most probably, the European and American partners will ask you for the quality measures you take.
  • The linking structure of the “Quality in Travel” website is optimized so that by SEO-Effects it will lead more traffic to your site, if you are mentioned as certified here.
  • For an effective quality management you have to develop an image of your products and services and a vision. By this you can say how you differ from your competitors and what is your unique selling proposition.

Company and Area:

  • Quality is one of the most competitive features of a tourist offer or product.
  • The quality of your products and services will trigger long-lasting customer loyalty.
  • In the long run better quality means more revenue.
  • Quality management leads to a stable tourism business for you, protects the jobs of your employees and gives these jobs a clear-cut profile.
  • Quality improvements in a destination also provide a better quality of life for local residents.


  • Quality management facilitates access to finance: When applying for a credit, the bank will ask you what measures of quality management you take. If you can prove that you take quality management seriously, the willingness to grant the credit will be higher and the interest rates will be lower.
  • Effective monitoring of quality improvements avoids the repetition of expensive mistakes and helps you to give your quality efforts the right direction.