Travel tourism certificate

Quality Certification for Travel Websites

For the certification of a travel website there are the main criteria:


  • Clarity and completeness of the description of the touristic offer (journey, means of transport, accommodation, class of accommodation, additional services, insurances, lodging, catering etc.)
  • Appropriate illustrations and photos
  • Clear description of the destination
  • Declaration of all involved costs (in the online offer and not in the checkout process)
  • Operators declaration/accessibility of the T&C and further conditions of the purchase
  • Declaration of the payment methods
  • Contact and queries to the vendor/operator
  • Clear distinction of internal/external offers, e.g. for advertisements, insurances


  • Usabiliy of the website: navigation and search
  • User experience
  • Supported devices (screen, mobile etc.)


  • Valid HTML and CSS
  • Pagespeed
  • Accessibility


  • Security of the website and of user data
  • Declaration of the use of personal data
  • Declaration of the use of cookies and tracking methods (e.g. Google Analytics)

Checkout Procedure

  • Easy accessible information on the t&c and additional information (delivery, payment etc.)
  • Delivery of the respective documents (online, offline)
  • Checkout process should be simple and clear

Quality management

  • Clear responsibilities for the persistent improvement of the website, specified for content, design, usability, techniques
  • Clear designation of the competency for user feedback
  • Use of statistics to monitor accesses and to locate possible problems

The travel offer itself and its correspondence to the website description cannot be the object of this certification. Ask for a detailed list of the criteria!