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Quality Certification for Hospitality

Quality Certification for Hospitality/Accommodation/Hotel

The following points apply to the quality assurance and quality management in hospitality/accommodation/hotel:

General (static criteria)

    • All legal permissions and required ensurances to run the hospitality object
    • Compliance to the respective national star ratings
    • Overall condition of the rooms/appartements/studios/surroundings in relation to the standards and price
    • Coherence of all details space/condition of toilets showers etc, reception area
    • Qualification and competence oft he staff


    • Public description of the offers (Internet, printed matters) in reasonable relation to reality (print and online)
    • Implementations oft he regionally prescribed privacy guidelines for personal data
    • Reaction to queries (Telephone, Internet)
    • Reservation, check-in/check-out process

Quality management (dynamic criteria)

    • General strategy, aims, unique selling propositions, image, quality demands
    • Own quality criteria according to strategy and formulation of Key Quality Indicators (KQI)
    • Souces oft he KQI (e.g. feedback of customers and partners, staff education programme, staff satisfaction etc.)
    • Clear structure of responsibilities and workflows of quality related issues in the company
    • Evaluation of the KQI on a regular basis and written reports about them
    • Written reports on quality relevant changes in the company


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