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Quality Certification for Hospitality

Quality Certification for Hospitality/Accommodation/Hotel

You can apply for the “Quality in Travel” seal for your hospitality offer.  The following points apply in addition to our general criteria to the quality assurance in hospitality/accommodation/hotel:

  •  Overall condition of the rooms/appartements/studios in relation to the price
  • Communication:
    • Description of the offers (Internet, printed matters) in relation to reality
    • Reaction to queries (Telephone, Internet)
    • Reservation, check-in/check-out process
  • Place, surroundings, infrastructure
  • Existence and quality of the in-room facilities: table, chairs, TV, telephone, WiFi, kitchenette, wardrobe etc.
  • Coherence of all details space/condition of toilets showers etc, reception area,
  • Additional services: shuttle, booking services, conference services, information on a choice of local services and products
  • Additional facilities: pool, sauna, restaurant, bar, garden, beach
  • competence and friendliness of the personnel
  • Quality management (as described in the general criteria):
    • Definition of quality criteria that should be constantly surveyed
    • Written record about these surveys
    • Guest surveys and rankings
    • Staff, qualified and affiliated to deal with surveys, praise, complaints, quality management

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