Travel Quality Monitoring Package

To simplify quality monitoring, Quality in Travel offers you a cloud-based monitoring package. It enables you to monitor all quality relevant data from internal sources, the web, several social media and booking platforms and the polls you offer. Quality monitoring has never been as easy. You can monitor the following parameters:

  • Booking frequency and trends
  • Frequency of the mentioning of your company in defined sources
  • Company reputation in social media and review platforms you define
  • Sentiment analysis according to customized criteria
  • Votings and polls you organize online
  • A special module can help you to predict tendencies in the market

This monitoring package, if properly installed and customized, will help you to understand how customers see and evaluate your products and offers. It can also be a reliable data source to form a strategy and to react on changes of the market. If customized by Quality in Travel it will be sufficient as quality monitoring according to our criteria.

If you want to know more about this monitoring package, please, write us a note!