ISO 9001 and quality management in travel and tourism

The ISO 9000 family is the most spread standard in quality management and certification. In tourism and travel, however, it has gained almost no popularity. Why? Because the standard does not refer to anything tourism-specific but mostly to quality management independent of the trade. So an ISO 9001 certification would be a good prerequisite to a proper tourism certification, but it cannot replace it. Quality in tourism and travel typically consists of three parts:

  • product quality
  • service quality
  • management quality

To introduce quality management, what is required is a commitment of the management to increase quality of the company, product or destination. The next step is to develop a vision, a philosophy, a great goal: Who are you? Why should customers choose you and nobody else? What is the outstanding feature you can offer your partners? Where will you stand in future in the tourism market? Find more Advantages of quality management in tourism here. – This will help you to clarify your unique selling proposition. Tourism market is growing fast. But mostly in selected, well promoted markets. In today’s marketing competition without a clear picture of you position you endanger the future of your business.

If your strategy is clear, everything else will follow: You find indicators and criteria of quality for your company, you monitor them and you create structures that ensure, that your quality goals will be reached. We can help you in this and we can certify that you are caring for quality. If you are interested in this, just give us a notice.