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Quality Certification for Tourism and Travel

Quality will be the most decisive feature of tourist products and services in the competing markets.

Quality certification is a means to show your partners and your clients that you care for quality. Just speaking of ones quality is not enough. A certification of quality management proves that you do something in this way and that the response of your guests is important to you.

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CSR in Tourism and Travel

Corporate Social Responsibility of
Travel Products and Services

The „Quality in Travel – CSR“ certifies your responsible behaviour in the travel and tourism market with regard to employees, your partners, the society and the environment. CSR should not only rephrased Corporate Social Responsibility but also as Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.

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Quality criteria for tourist offers

Quality in tourism is not so much about what you have, but what you do.

Get to know more about the criteria of the label “Quality in Travel”.  Our criteria mainly cover what you have to do anyway to make your products and services more attractive and sustainable.

There are special criteria to:


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Advantages of Quality Management and Certification

Quality is  the most competitive feature of a tourist offer or product that will result in long-lasting customer loyalty.

 Worried about your rising marketing costs? What if the product marketis itself! A quality product can indeed market itself, by word of mouth, tripadvisor, or, facebook and many places more. Spend your money in product quality instead of ever more marketing.

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Auditing and Consulting Services

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. Make sure your offers conform to international standards.

We offer auditing and consulting services to enable you to market your product, destination, or service effectively. If you are interested in international visitors, it may be good to ensure that your  offer conforms to international standards. Moreover, auditing and consulting is a good preparation to the certification process.

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