Responsible Tourism India

Certificate “Quality in Travel”

Quality assurance of hospitality services

for responsible tourism projects in India

overview of the projects at:

approved Quality in the
CSR Responsible and Sustainable Tourism category

After careful examination we herewith confirm that the above mentioned accommodation meets all standards of the “Quality in Travel” certificate in the category Responsible and Sustainable Tourism .

India Tourism eCatalog selected outstanding tourism initiatives of regions and communities, that created responsible and sustainable tourism products and services. These projects are the results of the initiative of communities, villages, traditions themselves, representing authentic and autochthonous regional cultures. They are not the product of large travel companies or governmental initiatives but of local representatives, craftsmen, villagers and gardeners.

Quality in Travel, together with India Tourism eCatalog herewith expressly supports these projects and initiatives and grants them the right to use the certification “Quality in Travel” for responsible and sustainable tourism, linked to this page.

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  1. This is the excellent initiative for “Quality in Travel” in India. I think its an exclusive news for the people of this region and community. Good luck !

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