Viruses, Terrorists and Journalists: Management of Tourist Crises in Communication

Crises for tourist destinations are pending everywhere. There are viruses, terrorists or journalists you cannot control. There are only two ways to handle a crisis: prevention, and, if it happened though, limitation of damage. In tourism you have some everlasting crises and those that simply disappeared. London, Indonesia and in part tunesia are examples for successful crisis communication. Egypt is a good example for disastrous communication. We studied these cases and we think we can show you ways to effective crisis prevention in communication.

Many years ago we took part in a conference held by a well known German PR agency specialized in crisis prevention, crisis management. The speaker said: „All crises are communication crises“. At first we would not agree. But in studying many crisis scenarios wo found out that he was right. There are some of them where all the problems are in communication and there are others, where communication has a great stake in these. A crisis is a crisis as soon as it is communicated.

It goes without saying, that the most effective crisis limitation should be prepared, that means, you should do it before the actual crisis happens. We can help you to elaborate a crisis plan that draws into consideration the most propable crisis scenarios. Many of us are former communication people and have a long lasting routine in that field. We can help you to delineate channels and messages for possible various scenarios.

By the way: Crisis prevention also belongs to a good quality management.

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