Happiness Kingdom certification

The Certificate “Quality in Travel”


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is awarded to

Happiness Kingdom

Changzamtok, Thimphu, BHUTAN

approved Quality in the category
Tour Operator

After careful examination we herewith confirm that the above mentioned company meets all standards of the “Quality in Travel” certificate in the category Tour Operator .

Quality Report Summary  for Happiness Kingdom (HK)

HK is he second largest tour operator in Bhutan. It serves 2500 to 3000 customers per year. The management is committed to quality and introduced a quality management. It sets itself the task to make the guest experience why Bhutan is called the „Happy Kingdom“, why many of is people live happily. This includes culture, folklore, environment, natural beauty way of life. The quality management of HK enables the company to receive feedback of customers and partners in a systematic and organized way. There are defined structures of quality management in the company. HK is willing to develop these structures and ways of quality management further, making it a powerful tool for strategic management decisions. The permanent increase of the quality of products and services is intended to be for the benefit customers and partners alike.

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